Visual Studio Code Debug specs list

Language or Platform name Debugger Extension(ver) Debugger MacOS Windows Linux
Golang Go delve
Goole App Engine Go delve
Python Python pdb
C#(dotnetcore) C# .NET Core
Javascript and Typescript - - - - -
for ServerSide(NodeJS) buildin nodejs
for Chrome Browser Debugger for chrome Chrome
for iOS Browser Debugger for iOS Web TODO TODO - -
for Firefox Browser Debugger for firefox TODO TODO TODO TODO
for Edge Browser Debugger for Edge TODO - - TODO
for Electron Desktop App buildin,Debugger for chrome nodejs,Chrome
for Cordova Mobile App Cordova Tools        
for React (Browser) Debugger for chrome nodejs,Chrome
Ruby Ruby ruby-debug-ide
Ruby on Rails Ruby ruby-debug-ide
C/C++ C/C++ lldb,gdb
Java Java debugger  
Bash Bash Debug bashdb
PHP PHP Debug Xdebug
TODO C#(mono) mono debug        
TODO Lua Lua 5.3 Debugger        
TODO Perl Perl Debug        
TODO Dart Dart Code        
TODO OCaml OCaml        
TODO Erlang erlang        

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